Hector Pokes His Way to the Top!

Hector : Badge of Carnage, the point and click adventure game for the iPhone has just been included in another top games list compiled by a review site. This time it is the kind souls over at NoDPad. No DPad is an iPhone and iPod Touch gaming site that focuses on covering games that push forward the idea of the iPod Touch and iPhone being true gaming platforms.

Why are they called NoDPad, I hear you ask, or at least one of the voices inside my head has just asked that question. Apparently the name No DPad comes from a common complaint against iPhone gaming — its lack of physical controls, and a directional pad (dpad). This site aims to show that the iPhone and iPod Touch’s lack of physical buttons don’t limit its capabilities, but rather spark innovation because developers are forced to become more creative.

Well, that is exactly what we have done with Hector : Badge of Carnage by re-inventing the point and click adventure for the iPhone platform, with a ‘touch and slide’ or ‘poke and prod’ adventure game that follows the adventures of Detective Inspector Hector (The Fat Arse of the Law) and his exploits in the the crime capital of Britain – Clappers Wreake.

Hector NoDPad

And interestingly enough the folk at NoDPad agree with us! They have just selected Hector as one of the best point and click adventure games in their article ‘73 games: A Look Back at the Best of the iPhone’s First Two Years in Gaming‘. Here is what they thought of Hector : Badge of Carnage:

Clapper’s Wreake – the craziest place you never heard of. Such is the town that our hero Hector must save from terrorists. Sound ordinary? It most definitely is not. This is a point and click adventure made entirely for the iPhone and iPod Touch and a mature audience at that. The pressure of the safety of the citizens sits entirely on Hector’s back and he handles it well, traveling to several locations around town, and of course answering every demand the terrorist has made (first rule of negotiation with terrorists, ah never mind…). What brings you deeper into this story is the humor, the characters and the crazy antics. It is so refreshing to see a developer take such care with an app. Anyone remotely interested in the genre should give this a whirl.

I couldn’t agree more. And it is nice to see Hector considered in such high regard by a site like this. We are extremely please to see Hector considered as one of the best games of this genre and our thanks go to NoDPad for including us on this list. So I am assuming now that you are scratching your heads in anticipation of asking the question that needs to be asked. How do I get my own copy of Hector : Badge of Carnage? Well the App Store would be a good start, but seeing how you have been so well behaved through this post, here is a link right to the game itself. Click here to go directly to iTunes and download the game now or go to www.thehectorfiles.tv to find out more about Hector : Fat Arse of the Law. Now you go an enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it!


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